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Finding the Best Folding Bikes at Pocket-Friendly Costs

The introduction of folding bikes brought a new era in biking. Everyone wants to own a modern bike that can run at topmost speeds. Most bike lovers feel that a traditional bike is the best for all purpose riding. In today’s modern world, the bikes can be used in all manner of ways. You can go to colleges or schools as well as bring a small item from the market in a short span of time. The speed of a small folding bike is greater than that of any ordinary bike. Before buying a bike, there are some considerations you have to make. This article will discuss some.

Folding bicycles

To get the bestbikes, there are various considerations you have to make. The functionality and features of the bike should be proportional to the price you pay for the bike. Consider the affordability when purchasing the bike. A bike has never been a short-term investment, so when buying, you have to think about the features and quality. If the bike does not match your taste, you will pique for all its existence. Purchase a folding bike with these exceptional features.

  1. Light Weight

The best feature of choice for these bikes includes the bike which is lighter in weight. When you have to purchase a bicycle and have to carry it on your hands and back, the bike been of lightweight helps a lot.

  1. Speedy Riding Functions

The bike should be in the high-speed list. The gear system of the bike makes the bike move speedy. You can always change the gears if you want to ride faster. The gear can change the speed of the bike up to 21 times more than the normal speed. Run as fast as a fuel bike and choose a high-speed bike to enjoy exceptional enjoyment of riding.

  1. You can ride unlatch and latch fast

The bikes should have easy and uncomplicated latching and unlatching features. From the locks to the hinges, you have to fold or set the bike for use. In important situations, folding and latching functions should be fast so that you do not have to hold on for long. Lathing for a prolonged time can be an irritating factor.

  1. Durability

The durability of any stuff is always expected. If the bike is made of a custom alloy, the bike will be durable and hard. You can make the bike lighter with thin bars of the alloy. This is a great attribute of lightweight folding bikes.

  1. Small Size

Who wants a bike that is still huge when folded? The small size bike comes with huge benefits. It is easier to create a small size storage space than searching for a space around your home. If you live in an apartment, it is very odd to store bicycles in the house. Thus a small sized foldable bike creates a sizable space.

So now you understand that folding bikes should have these features. The bicycle should have unique affordable prices. Choose the best that matches your needs.

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Buy The Travel Bike That’s Right for You

Before visiting the local travel bike shop with your money in hand, it is important to ask yourself the goals for buying the bike and the distance of travel. The best classic touring bike is an old style road bike, tweaking for heavy load carrying stability. The bikes feature massive gear ranges, cantilever brakes for stopping power, mounts for pannier racks, long wheelbases for stability and more upright riding position. This makes the bike be steady for handling.

Collapsible bike

A new traveling bike is a great investment, thus determining your riding goals is the first priority in choosing the perfect wheel for you. With different cycling styles out there, there are a variety of bikes to match your goals. Buy the best travel bike you can ever afford if you consider yourself a long-term traveler. Below are five universal bikes styles to consider:

  1. All Styled Travel Bikes

In this category, we will look at the mountain bike. If climbing mountains and trails are your things and you still enjoy the steep decline, you may want to consider a mountain bike. The geometry of the bike provides outstanding stability in steep and rough situations as compared with other models of bikes.

The mountain bike comes with five to six inches of suspension. This allows the user to take light stunt work and provide the rider with good trail riding skills. If traveling on steep and rocky roads interest you, a mountain travel bicycle is the best choice for you.

  1. Cross-Country Bikes

This is a great choice for off-road riders. The bikes step angle geometry and suspension, ranging from four to five inches of travel, makes it easy for handling. The bike is also fast for moderate trails.

  1. Trail Bikes

If you are looking for an all-round bike for traveling, this is the stuff. With four to five inches of seat suspension, the bike gives good comfort, and climb with maximum efficiency. This bike is the best match for travelers who like challenging terrains.

  1. Downhill Bikes

Who wants speed on the downhill? This bike is the best match for you. With its well-built frame and five inches or more of travel, these bicycles can take a strike on the downhill. Nevertheless, with any additional weight, you may give a second thought on taking a long climb.

  1. Hard tail Bikes

If you like speed or hard tail, this bike may be a good choice for you. The comfort must not be at the top of your A-list. The hard tails come with only front suspension; thereby have increased pedal stroke efficiency and less pedal bob when compared to dual suspension bikes.

When buying your next touring bike, it is always a nice idea to search for the strengths and weaknesses of each of bike. Note that stronger frames and more suspensions add more weight and make it tough to climb mountains.

Check for online reviews for travel bikes and ask for recommendations from fellow riders.

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Benefits of Purchasing a Foldable Bike

A foldable bike is a bike designed to fit into a compact storage, facilitating storage and transportation. The bicycles are common among cyclists with limited space either at their workplace or home. People with different ways of traveling may choose to use a foldable bike in some parts of their journey while storing the bicycle in train and bus where conventional bikes are not allowed.

folding bikes

There are different kinds of folding bikes with different ways for folding. Choosing the bike can depend on a number of factors such as size, durability, folding speed, bike speed, price and quality of ease when riding. Foldable bicycle come with various benefits which may include:


This bike can fold into two halves or into a smaller size than the original size. Depending on the bikes material, the bike can be light and easy to carry around. It becomes easy to transport in trains, cars, boats and buses, particularly if the cyclist needs transport from one point to another. For individuals who are traveling, the bike is a handy stuff to take along with. During trips, the bike can be used to travel around easily and quickly.

Compact Storage

The bike can be easier for storage than other bicycles. Compact size is ideal for those people with limited space to store or place their bikes at work, home or school.


Having the bicycle in a place that is easily accessible, for example inside the home or under the work desk brings up an increased sense of security. Compared to conventional bikes, that typically need to be locked or chained in public places, you can carry the bike into any destination point that you need to get.

Cost Effective

The owner can save money either from public transportation costs or petrol bills. After the long run, the total cost of riding a bike is less compared to the expenses needed for taking a bus, taxi, train or even driving a car.


The bikes are environmentally friendly because they are powered by cyclist’s own energy and force. Choosing to ride your bike instead of your car can drastically decrease the amount of air pollution.

Form of Physical Exercise

Cycling frequently improves one’s stamina and physical health. The cyclist uses his own energy and force to move along; this increases the cyclist’s broadly endurance.


No garaging, expensive fuel and parking fee required. Besides them all, foldable bikes are the best in beating traffic. At first, purchasing the bike might look like an expensive investment, but with time the owner realizes the economic benefits of the bike.

Fun and Easy

Finally, instead of touring on foot, why don’t you make use of a foldable bike? You can use the bike to explore places known by fewer people and where one cannot reach while walking.

Folding bikes are an easy and practical form of transport since they are easily stored, very portable and a good tool for exercise. It is such a good alternative compared to traditional bikes. Consider factors such as weight, durability, size and price before making a purchase. Finding the right bike can make the cycling experience enjoyable.

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Advantages of Using RV Bicycles

The phrase RV stands for a recreational vehicle, which is a usual term for trailer or motor vehicle with a living space and amenities. RVing can be used in vehicles and bicycles as well. There are many forms of transporting a bike from one place to another. The RV bicycle has been accepted by many people in this modern world.

RV bicycle

The bike trailer came before the RV services and many of the people welcomed it as a worthwhile innovation. This is because the trailer was specifically designed to ensure the safety of the bike while in transit. This is a sturdy asset and one has to buy it early and will always make use of it for a long time. It provides a more organized way of loading and offloading than any other way.

Nevertheless, when RV bikes were invented, folks found out that the new facility was less expensive than the trailer. The RVing services can be far much lighter compared with the trailer. This implies that utilizing this service is more economical than using a trailer. Trailers heavyweight demanded more power thus consuming more gasoline.

In the case of Rv carrier, parking house is no such big matter. The carrier can be mounted on the front side of the car and no much space will be needed for parking. This is also important in regards to storage as you will present a bigger area for a trailer compared to the area of RV.

In the accident insurance cover, you pay less than $20 a month. Insurance cover will help you pay for deductible whenever you are involved in an accident and are responsible for high out of pocket costs.

Loading and unloading a trailer is such a tough job and often require a couple of people. This is not the case with RV bicycles because the service is fixed with a functionality that makes loading and unloading easy and is completed by one person.

Riding a bicycle is so much fun. Riding an RV bike that is powered is even more fun. Electric bikes give you a slight electric boost as you pedal along. Therefore no worry of tiring.

Staying on RV helps improve your health as you age. Legs stretch more as you peddle and there is no need for long gym workout hours. By kicking your legs and pumping your heart, you are staying away from heart disease and other ailments.

Given all these benefits, a buyer might think that the bicycle will cost a pretty penny.  A few years ago, that could be the case, but the reality of life is that the bicycles have become more and popular. Due to their availability, the prices have dropped.

The RV comes with a simple lifestyle. Being at home is stressful, but enjoying life is relaxing. A bicycle RV will help you interact with your loved ones. Time spent together is maximized, but space is always limited. Leaving busy daily routines helps relax and create memories.

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Different Types of Kids Bicycle

Buying a kids bicycle for your child is a big deal. If you purchase the right bike, you are quickly elevated to the coolest adult or guardian ever. On the other hand, choosing the wrong would make you find yourself on the unpopular list for sometimes. When you are introducing biking to your child, there are many selections of bikes available. Kids’ bikes are measured by wheel size and not frame size. The perfect indication of what size is right for your child is how comfortable he or she is when on the bike.


Make sure your kid can stand over the top of the bike with feet on the ground. The child should feel comfortable and in control of the bicycle at all times. It is not recommended to buy a bike that your child will grow into it. This can be a setback for your child in terms of riding confidence and skills. A properly sized bike is less dangerous, easy to handle and more fun. Here are different types of kids bicycle depending on the age of your child.


Training Wheel Bikes

They are bikes with training wheels. The training wheels can give your child the boost of confidence they need so as to start riding on their own. The training wheels can be removed once the confidence is there. Most of them are single speed bikes with coaster brakes.


Balance Bikes

These are bikes in their simplest form. The bike is made of just wheels and frame. There are no pedals or chain. As the child coast or walk on the balance bike, their feet act as the brake. A balance bike is the best choice to teach your 4-year-old how to coordinate the steering and balance. If they perfect in this, transition in pedaling will be easier.


Kids’ Road Bikes

Once the kid is ready for a two wheeler with no support, avoid the common mistakes of buying a road bike the child will grow into. This is a setback for the child. Kids’ road bikes range from bikes with upright riding positions to bikes with flat bars. If your kid cruising to school or riding around the neighborhood, a flat bar bike is the best choice.


Trailer Bikes

Just as the word says! A trailer bike enables your kid to feel independent and pedal, though he or she is relying on control and balance. The single wheel attaches either on the rear rack or on the seat post so as to provide a pivot for turning. A trailer bike allows the child to cycle farther than the child’s stamina might allow.


Kids’ Cruiser Bikes

These bikes focus on fun. They come in flashy colors and catchy graphics. They feature wide tires for traction and stability, simple gearing brakes, durable steel frames and comfy seating. They are a perfect choice for short rides on the neighborhood streets.

Biking is a very healthy and worthwhile activity. From cycling in holidays to short bike rides, biking is enjoyed by the whole family. The earlier you get your child interested, the more likely the child will continue to enjoy cycling for years to come.

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Bike and Ride the Subway System

If you are looking for a collapsible bike, you need to look no further than the variety of bikes that can be found at Downtube. The following article talks about being able to ride your bike and then taking the bike on the subway.

Collapsible bike

Collapsible Bike

The best way that you can actually take your bike on the subway system is to purchase you a collapsible bike, such as from Downtube. It is not always easy to take a full-size road or mountain bike on the subway system and being able to fold your bike down is definitely going to make taking your bike on the subway system a whole lot easier. Besides the folding bike making it easier for you to get your bike on the subway, it is also going to make others around you a lot more pleased. There are many people that are very easily going to be irritated with you if you try to fit a full-size bike onto a subway that is already overcrowded and busy with people. There are also some subways systems that are going to limit the number of full-size bikes that can be placed onto each car of the subway. It is definitely worth looking into bikes that can easily be collapsed if you want to take them on the subway with you.

Bike Racks

Another option that you are going to have if you want to bike and ride the subway system is to use the bike racks that you will find for the public to use. If you do decide to use the bike racks, it is very important that you make sure to lock your bike up. If you leave your bike without it being locked up, it is very likely that it will be taken from someone for keeps. This is also another good reason to purchase a collapsible bike because you do not have to worry about finding a bike rack and you also do not have to worry about someone stealing your bike when it is left on the bike rack. Bike racks are good but always make sure that you are using them wisely and to the best of your advantage.

Bike Lockers

Bike lockers are very popular in cities that have subway systems in them. Bicycle lockers are going to safeguard your bike by providing protection from theft, vandalism and inclement weather. The lockers are designed to hold one bike each as well as your bike gear. You will find quite a few bicycle lockers around subway systems. The lockers are going to have a unique lock and key. The space inside is the lockers is standard where regular size bikes will fit inside. Longer bikes, such as tandem bikes are not going to fit into the bike lockers. Locker rentals are not very expensive but they are subject to availability in many places.


If you are looking for a Collapsible bike to take on the subway, you definitely are going to want to check out the bikes at Downtube.

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Are Bike Lanes Safe?

If you are looking for folding bicycles, you need to look at the online retailer of bikes, Downtube. You will find a variety of bikes to your liking.

Foldable bicycle


Bike lanes are not always available but when they are even available, are good but are they really safe? The following article will help to answer this debated question.

Off the Sides of Roads

Many people are not comfortable in riding their folding bicycles in traffic. Even though people are not comfortable in doing this, they do not think that bike lanes are safe and the answer to safely riding your bicycle. Many people do not like riding their bike on the edge of a road. Bike lanes can give bicycle riders a false sense of security. You may think a bike lane is going to be safe but they can be shunted almost off the road. You really do have to be careful when you are riding your bike because drivers in vehicles may not be able to see you when you are in these bike lanes that are on the side of the road. When you ride in these bike lanes, it is also very common for you to confront debris and crumbling pavements. Before you ride in one of these bike lanes, it is very important that you check the bike lanes out yourself before putting yourself on the dangerous road with cars all around.

Bikes Lanes Next to Parking Spots

There are some bike lanes that are going to run alongside parking spots, which can be very dangerous when riding folding bicycles. It is going to be very easy for drivers of vehicles to be able to open their doors in the bike lane. When motorists open up their vehicle doors that are right next to bike lanes, it is just a set-up potential for some type of collision. It is very important that if you are riding your bicycle in these lanes that have parking spots right next to them to be extremely careful. Yes, the people that are parked in these parking spots should be careful but truth be told, they are not going to be as careful as you would think they should be. If you are riding your bike and a car door were to sit you, it could be bad.

Bike Trails

Even bike trails can be dangerous for riding of folding bicycles. Bike trails are usually going to be shared with runners, walkers and people on roller blades. The bike trailers can be dangerous when they run next to a road. It is very common for cars and bike riders to not look out for each other. It is very important that you as a bike rider to be extra careful at intersections.


One good solution that you can do when riding folding bicycles in bike lanes and bike trails is to make sure is to ride the bike in the middle of the bike lane. Just think of it, this is just how cars ride in lanes and bicycle riders should do the same.

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Riding Bikes to College

If you are looking for folding bikes to ride to college, you need to check out all of the bikes that you are going to find at Downtube. The following article gives some good information about riding bikes to college.

folding bikes


Taking folding bikes to college with you is good idea for easy access in getting around campus. Taking a bike is also going to be very affordable and even provide a you fun way to get around. You can even use the bike as a hobby and for getting some exercise in while just traveling to your classes. If you cannot bring a car to your college, a bike is going to be a great option for you. Even if you have not ridden a bike in years, it is going to be easy to pick up habit right back up and get moving quicker around your college campus. Folding bikes can also be used to help carry book bag to and from class.

Buy a New Bike

You may have an old bike laying around in your parent’s garage or basement but it is going to be best to get a new folding bike to take to college with you. When you do with a new bike you are going to ensure that you are getting a quality made and reliable bike to get you around campus and more while you are at college. If you have to travel to the college campus, just think you can stay away from public transportation, as long as you are living in a somewhat reasonably close apartment to the college campus. When you get a new bike, you are also going to be getting a folding bike that is going to fit you now. Why would you assume the bike you have in middle school or high school is going to fit you now? You will find a variety of bike accessories to make your bike even more reliable and fun. It is going to be a wise choice if at all possible to stay away from used bikes.

Tips for Bike Shopping

The following are some items to do when picking out folding bikes to take to college:

  • Make Sure It Fits YOU: Make sure the bike fits you. It will be healthy for you to ride it and it will make you feel better. There is nothing worse than riding a bike that is not comfortable.
  • Lights on Bike: You need to make sure that you have light on your bike. Safety is going to be extremely important. You never know how late you are going to be at the library and you want to make sure everyone is able to see you late at night. Also get helmets and gear that are reflective, so people can see you when you are riding your folding bike.
  • Wearing Helmet: This is a no brainer but it is so commonly forgotten. Make sure you wear a bike helmet no matter how close you are travelling.

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Review of Foldable Bike

If you have been looking into a Foldable bike, you need to look no further than the bikes from Downtube. The following article will give you a basic review of how well one of these bikes will work with you.

Foldable bike


Folding bikes are simple for just about anyone to operate. The bikes are light in weight, quiet and packable. The frame size of the foldable bike is versatile and it makes the bikes very swift in speed.

Avid Travelling and City Dwellers

If you are an avid traveler or even a city dweller, you are going to really like what all a foldable bike is going to do for you. If you are an avid traveler or a city dweller, you are going to know what the need for small compact vehicle is going to do for you. Just because the bike or the wheels on the bike are smaller, this definitely does not mean that the bike is going to operate at a slower speed. For example, if your bike has 20 inch wheels on it, you can rip on these smaller wheels and have some pretty quick speed on your bike. A bike with smaller wheels definitely does not mean a slower speed but its means that your bike is going to be stronger and lighter. Now, if you have some 16 inch wheels on a folding bike, you may have yourself an urban assault tool. The small wheels on the bike are going to aid in quick acceleration and give your bike the superior maneuverability you are looking for. Many of the bikes are going to come with a bag where you can literally pack your bike on the inside of the bag.

Everyday Bike

Once you start riding your foldable bike, you are going to quickly start to want to keep riding it on an every day basis. Yes, it is going to take you some time in getting use to riding the bike but once you become accustomed to it, you are not want to keep it packed away for much time at all. The rugged frame can take a serious beating but it is not ever going to show. You can go riding through the hustle and bustle of the busy city urban living, forced to dodge vehicles, pedestrians, pigeons and even other riders with this type of bike. Considering the high route, you can easily pushthrough quick internal speeds while you pick up the pace and jam the low route.


Wherever you are at, a foldable bike is going to work for you. You will have a fun time taking the bike on all of your usual routes and seeing how well it is going to handle for you. You can literally drive a Foldable bike in diverse terrain, scorching landscape and car dense cities with ease. No matter if you are cruising to the corner store or hauling across town, one of these bikes it really going to work for you.

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