If you are looking for a Folding bicycle, you need to look no further than Downtube. The following article will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using a folding bike vs. a mountain bike.



Folding bicycles and mountain bicycles should be used for different purposes. If the bicycle that you are going to have is going to be your only bike and you want to use that bike for cargo (with racks and more), it is recommend that you do not get a folding bike unless it is going to be one with larger wheels.


Disadvantages of Folding Bicycles

  • If you are going to be doing offroad riding, nothing is going to beat a standard rigid-frame mountain bike. If you see a decent amount of offroad riding in your future, it is recommended against getting any folding bike.
  • Coasting on a folding bicycle is not going to be quite as easy because of the smaller wheels that are on the bike.
  • Getting parts for a folding bike can be difficult. If you really want a folding bike, plan ahead for things such as spare tubes and spokes.
  • Folding bicycles rear racksare going to tend to result in heelstrike, unless you have a folder bike that has a very long wheelbase that is specifically made for touring. If you want to use your bike for shopping, folding bikes are not recommended.
  • Folding bikes are more expensive.
  • Folding bikes are heavier.
  • Folders are going to have a weight limit. The wheels are usually going to be smaller. If you are a bigger person, always look into the weight limits of the bike you are thinking of purchasing.

Advantages of Folding Bicycles

  • With folder bikes, storage is going to be easier, hence the name of the bikes.
  • These types of bikes are a major plus if you live in small apartments.
  • It is very easy to put these types of bikes in a car trunk or back seat, or even take the bike on some type of public transportation.
  • You can accelerate very fast on a folding bike mainly because the wheels are smaller and therefore lighter and helps you to be able to move much quicker in very little time.
  • Small wheels are going to be fun.



If you are looking into a folding bicycle, you need to look into the variety of bikes that can be found from Downtube. Before purchasing one of these types of bikes, it is very important that you look into the bike and make sure that it is going to be something that is going to work for you. If you live in the city and will be riding throughout the busy city traffic a lot, a folding bicycle is going to be something that you are really going to want to look into. If you will be using the bike more for riding on mountainous areas, a Folding bicycle is most likely not something that you are want to go with. For many people, the fact that the bike is just able to be easily folded up and put into their car trunk is something that is going to sell them on folder bikes.

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