If you have had your eye on a collapsible bicycle, you need to look no further than Downtube. The bikes are great for just about anyone, no matter what type of living style that you have. The following article discusses the best accessories that you can get for your bike.

There are lots of ways to add accessories to your collapsible bicycle. A lot of people are going to like safety as the most important accessory feature. For these people, there are a variety of good items such as mirrors, lights, bells and such. There are others who are going to like commuter gadgets, such as panniers, baskets and fenders. If you are looking for folding bike accessories, you will find some popular and important ones below.

  1. Bicycle Mirrors

Bicycle mirrors are going to gives you a wide look of vehicles that are behind you. You will not have to turn backward as you are riding the bicycle with the use of mirrors. The mirror you decide upon will depend upon what type of view you need to have. The mirrors will easily be able to put onto your bike’s handlebars.

  1. Carrier Racks

Carrier racks mount on the back of the collapsible bike in order to help you quickly and easily move your belongings. The type you get will depend upon the amount of things you are wishing to load on your bike. Some racks can hold up to 50 pounds. The racks are popular with people wishing to put backpacks in them.

  1. Seat Bags

Seat bags give you ample space for you to carry all of those small bus essential requirements on your collapsible bicycle. They are easy to attach to your bicycle.

  1. Bike Computers

Bike computers can boost your exercise routine productivity. They can be safely affixed to your handlebars. The computers are not hard to install. They will improve your workout efficiency. It attaches easily and securely to your handlebar and tracks speed, distance, time and calories burned.

  1. Speedometers

Speedometers will let you see precisely how quick you might be riding your collapsible bicycle. Speedometer can exhibit current velocity, mean velocity, and optimum velocity. Some speedometers will also have built-in watches. Most speedometers are very economical.

  1. Seat Covers

There are a variety of seat covers that you can choose for your collapsible bicycle. Most times, people are going to choose one that is going to make them most comfortable. Another popular choice is going to be the color the seat cover.

  1. Smartphone Caddies

Smartphone caddies are designed to maintain your mobile phone readily available at all times. They are best suited for commuter riding and easily attach to the handlebars or stem of the bike. The caddies can be quickly and easily installed.


There are a variety of accessories that you can choose for your Collapsible bicycle. Not everyone wants to have a lot of accessories for their bike but some people feel that they just cannot live without the accessories.

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