If you are looking for a RV bike, you need to look no further than Downtube. You will be able to find a bike that will easily be able to taken on your next RV trip.


Finding the correct RV bike rack can be a challenge given the huge array of options. There are many factors to look at when sorting through the variety options on which rack is best for your RV. Before choosing the exact rack, you need to consider the bike rack in conjunction with how compatible it is going to be with your RV, the bikes you intend to carry on it and safety.

Kind and Number of Bikes Carrying

There is quite a long list of RV bike rack options for all types of bikes.

Bike Wheel Mount

This type of rack is going to secure the bike by its wheels. The wheels are placed inside the rails and held in place with tie downs. These mounts:

  • Are great for loading and unloading bikes.
  • Have a capacity that is typically up to four bikes.

Frame Mounted Bike Rack

This bike rack is going to secure the bike in place by one or two carry arms that hold the top tube/bar of the bike and it also allows the bike to dangle below. The racks work on any size bike. These racks:

  • Are the most common type of mount to have; and
  • Have many features that swing or fold out of the way.

RV Bike Rack Mounting

A bike rack can be mounted in four basic ways:

  • Bolt to bumper – This method takes a solid bumper that is welded to the frame and is made of steel.
  • Mount to ladder – Your RV must have a ladder for this method. Most RV bike racks are made to fit most types of steps but you need to make sure that the one you purchase fits your specific ladder.
  • Install into the trailer hitch – Hitch mounted racks are the most popular kind. With this method, you use the trailer hitch that you attach a bike rack to the back or front of your vehicle.
  • Bolt to trailer tongue – This is one of the more complex methods. Many people prefer to add a bike rack over the propane/battery box area on the trailer tongue.

RV Bumper Bike Rack

With these racks, the RV bike rack is mounted to the bumper on the rear of the RV. U-bolts are normally used in order to secure it to the actual bumper. There are many variations to accommodate different RV designs and the needs of the user. This is a common method for travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers and pop up campers. The racks are straightforward in order to install including just a few U-bolts and some minor assembly of the actual bike rack itself. Bumper racks also have the added benefit of not restricting access to your tow vehicle.


An RV bike is a definite must to have if you have an RV. There are many different racks that you can choose from for your RV to carry your bike.