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More and more people are riding bicycles to work and because of this, it has resulted in an increase in bicycle accidents. When these accidents happen, they can result in death and/or serious injury due to the simple fact that people riding bikes to work are less protected than their fellow commuters who are travelling in cars, trucks and SUVs. The huge increase in belt drive bicycle commuters underscores the importance of bike safety for everyone that is going to use the road.

Statistics of Bike Commuters

  • Cyclists account for about 0.6% of all commuters in the United States.
  • The western part of the United States has the highest rate of bicycle commuters at a rate over 1%.
  • The southern part of the United States has the lowest rate of bicycle commuters with 0.3%.
  • Portland, Oregonhas the highest rate of bicycle commuting at a rate of over 6%.
  • Men were found to be more likely than women to ride their bike to work.
  • The median commute time for people riding their bikes was found to be close to 20 minutes.

It is very likely that this trend will continue as gas prices increase and more and more. Americans also embrace the greener way of living. While this is a good thing, it is important to remember that safety is a key issue when it comes to bicycling to work.

Bicycle Accidents

  • Most of your bicyclist deaths are going to occur in urban areas and at non-intersection locations.
  • Teens and adults aged 45 years and older have the highest bicycle death rates.
  • Children, adolescents and young adults have the highest rates of nonfatal bicycle-related injuries, which is close to 60% of all bicycle-related injuries seen in American emergency rooms.

Interventions to Reduce Injuries and Fatalities

Ways for bicyclists to reduce injuries and fatalities include the following:

  • Use of bike helmets: Bicycle helmets are going to reduce the risk of head and brain injuries in the event of a crash. All bicyclists should protect themselves by wearing properly fitted bicycle helmets every time they ride their bike, even when commuting to work.
  • Active lighting and rider visibility: Fluorescent clothing can make a belt drive bicycle rider visible from farther away than regular clothing during the daytime. Active lighting may include front white lights, rear red lights or other lighting on the bicycle.
  • Infrastructure: Providing bicycle riders with their own bike lanes can make a significant difference when it comes to reducing the number of serious injuries and deaths.


The best way to keep people riding their belt drive bicycle safe is to avoid accidents, which is going to require both motorists and bicyclists to share the road and obey all traffic laws at all times. Drivers must be alert for bicyclists at all times, especially during commuter rush hours.

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