If you are looking for an RV bicycle, you need to look at the variety of bikes that you can find at Downtube. You will be able to find the perfect bike to take on your next RV adventure.


Keeping Your Bicyclein Good Working Order

It is very important that you keep your RV bicycle in good working order. The following are some things to always check on your bike from time to time:

  • Check your tires for air pressure and road worthiness
  • Make sure the brakes are working properly
  • Make sure the wheels spin freely
  • Make sure the bike the right fit for you
  • Make sure the seat is adjusted properly
  • Make sure the handlebars adjusted properly
  • Reflectors need to be secured
  • The lights on the bike need to be in working order
  • If needed by law, make sure your bell working
  • Make sure your mirrors allow you to see any traffic that is behind you


You should not ride your RV bicycle without a helmet no matter if you are a child or an adult. In many parts of the country, it is against the law not to wear a helmet no matter whom and where you are at. Helmets are there to protect your head in the event you fall or are in some type of bicycle accident. Vanity is the reason why many adults do not wear helmets but your safety should come first. You should also have a helmet that has been fitted properly and learn how to wear it correctly.

Traffic laws

It is very important to obey all traffic laws, which include:

  • You should always ride on the right with traffic
  • Obeyingall traffic signs, lights and road markings
  • Pedestrians should have the right-of-way
  • Crosswalks are for pedestrians and if you are using one, you should get off of your RV bicycle and walk.
  • You should use correct hand signals
  • Use the correct turning lane when turning

Night Riding

The following things should be done when riding your RV bicycle at night:

  • Use both a headlight and a taillight
  • Have reflectors on your bicycle
  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Be aware of any vehicles that are around you
  • Only ride your bicycle at night if you are experienced and know how to stay safe

Extra Safety Hints

The following are some extra safety tips to keep your safe:

  • You need to be predictable and do not make any sudden turns or lane changes
  • Obey stop signs
  • Be extra careful in parking lots
  • Make sure you are seen
  • Learn skills necessary to stay safe and in control of your bicycle
  • Do not carry grocery bags on your handlebars
  • Use a bell to warn others when you are approaching


RV bicycle safety is very important. Traffic laws are not just for cars. When riding your bike it is smart to be extra cautious because getting hit by a car can hurt a whole lot. When you are ready for your RV bike, check out Downtube and find the one that suits you best.

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