If you have been looking into a Foldable bike, you need to look no further than the bikes from Downtube. The following article will give you a basic review of how well one of these bikes will work with you.

Foldable bike


Folding bikes are simple for just about anyone to operate. The bikes are light in weight, quiet and packable. The frame size of the foldable bike is versatile and it makes the bikes very swift in speed.

Avid Travelling and City Dwellers

If you are an avid traveler or even a city dweller, you are going to really like what all a foldable bike is going to do for you. If you are an avid traveler or a city dweller, you are going to know what the need for small compact vehicle is going to do for you. Just because the bike or the wheels on the bike are smaller, this definitely does not mean that the bike is going to operate at a slower speed. For example, if your bike has 20 inch wheels on it, you can rip on these smaller wheels and have some pretty quick speed on your bike. A bike with smaller wheels definitely does not mean a slower speed but its means that your bike is going to be stronger and lighter. Now, if you have some 16 inch wheels on a folding bike, you may have yourself an urban assault tool. The small wheels on the bike are going to aid in quick acceleration and give your bike the superior maneuverability you are looking for. Many of the bikes are going to come with a bag where you can literally pack your bike on the inside of the bag.

Everyday Bike

Once you start riding your foldable bike, you are going to quickly start to want to keep riding it on an every day basis. Yes, it is going to take you some time in getting use to riding the bike but once you become accustomed to it, you are not want to keep it packed away for much time at all. The rugged frame can take a serious beating but it is not ever going to show. You can go riding through the hustle and bustle of the busy city urban living, forced to dodge vehicles, pedestrians, pigeons and even other riders with this type of bike. Considering the high route, you can easily pushthrough quick internal speeds while you pick up the pace and jam the low route.


Wherever you are at, a foldable bike is going to work for you. You will have a fun time taking the bike on all of your usual routes and seeing how well it is going to handle for you. You can literally drive a Foldable bike in diverse terrain, scorching landscape and car dense cities with ease. No matter if you are cruising to the corner store or hauling across town, one of these bikes it really going to work for you.

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