If you are looking for folding bikes to ride to college, you need to check out all of the bikes that you are going to find at Downtube. The following article gives some good information about riding bikes to college.

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Taking folding bikes to college with you is good idea for easy access in getting around campus. Taking a bike is also going to be very affordable and even provide a you fun way to get around. You can even use the bike as a hobby and for getting some exercise in while just traveling to your classes. If you cannot bring a car to your college, a bike is going to be a great option for you. Even if you have not ridden a bike in years, it is going to be easy to pick up habit right back up and get moving quicker around your college campus. Folding bikes can also be used to help carry book bag to and from class.

Buy a New Bike

You may have an old bike laying around in your parent’s garage or basement but it is going to be best to get a new folding bike to take to college with you. When you do with a new bike you are going to ensure that you are getting a quality made and reliable bike to get you around campus and more while you are at college. If you have to travel to the college campus, just think you can stay away from public transportation, as long as you are living in a somewhat reasonably close apartment to the college campus. When you get a new bike, you are also going to be getting a folding bike that is going to fit you now. Why would you assume the bike you have in middle school or high school is going to fit you now? You will find a variety of bike accessories to make your bike even more reliable and fun. It is going to be a wise choice if at all possible to stay away from used bikes.

Tips for Bike Shopping

The following are some items to do when picking out folding bikes to take to college:

  • Make Sure It Fits YOU: Make sure the bike fits you. It will be healthy for you to ride it and it will make you feel better. There is nothing worse than riding a bike that is not comfortable.
  • Lights on Bike: You need to make sure that you have light on your bike. Safety is going to be extremely important. You never know how late you are going to be at the library and you want to make sure everyone is able to see you late at night. Also get helmets and gear that are reflective, so people can see you when you are riding your folding bike.
  • Wearing Helmet: This is a no brainer but it is so commonly forgotten. Make sure you wear a bike helmet no matter how close you are travelling.

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