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Bike lanes are not always available but when they are even available, are good but are they really safe? The following article will help to answer this debated question.

Off the Sides of Roads

Many people are not comfortable in riding their folding bicycles in traffic. Even though people are not comfortable in doing this, they do not think that bike lanes are safe and the answer to safely riding your bicycle. Many people do not like riding their bike on the edge of a road. Bike lanes can give bicycle riders a false sense of security. You may think a bike lane is going to be safe but they can be shunted almost off the road. You really do have to be careful when you are riding your bike because drivers in vehicles may not be able to see you when you are in these bike lanes that are on the side of the road. When you ride in these bike lanes, it is also very common for you to confront debris and crumbling pavements. Before you ride in one of these bike lanes, it is very important that you check the bike lanes out yourself before putting yourself on the dangerous road with cars all around.

Bikes Lanes Next to Parking Spots

There are some bike lanes that are going to run alongside parking spots, which can be very dangerous when riding folding bicycles. It is going to be very easy for drivers of vehicles to be able to open their doors in the bike lane. When motorists open up their vehicle doors that are right next to bike lanes, it is just a set-up potential for some type of collision. It is very important that if you are riding your bicycle in these lanes that have parking spots right next to them to be extremely careful. Yes, the people that are parked in these parking spots should be careful but truth be told, they are not going to be as careful as you would think they should be. If you are riding your bike and a car door were to sit you, it could be bad.

Bike Trails

Even bike trails can be dangerous for riding of folding bicycles. Bike trails are usually going to be shared with runners, walkers and people on roller blades. The bike trailers can be dangerous when they run next to a road. It is very common for cars and bike riders to not look out for each other. It is very important that you as a bike rider to be extra careful at intersections.


One good solution that you can do when riding folding bicycles in bike lanes and bike trails is to make sure is to ride the bike in the middle of the bike lane. Just think of it, this is just how cars ride in lanes and bicycle riders should do the same.

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