Buying a kids bicycle for your child is a big deal. If you purchase the right bike, you are quickly elevated to the coolest adult or guardian ever. On the other hand, choosing the wrong would make you find yourself on the unpopular list for sometimes. When you are introducing biking to your child, there are many selections of bikes available. Kids’ bikes are measured by wheel size and not frame size. The perfect indication of what size is right for your child is how comfortable he or she is when on the bike.


Make sure your kid can stand over the top of the bike with feet on the ground. The child should feel comfortable and in control of the bicycle at all times. It is not recommended to buy a bike that your child will grow into it. This can be a setback for your child in terms of riding confidence and skills. A properly sized bike is less dangerous, easy to handle and more fun. Here are different types of kids bicycle depending on the age of your child.


Training Wheel Bikes

They are bikes with training wheels. The training wheels can give your child the boost of confidence they need so as to start riding on their own. The training wheels can be removed once the confidence is there. Most of them are single speed bikes with coaster brakes.


Balance Bikes

These are bikes in their simplest form. The bike is made of just wheels and frame. There are no pedals or chain. As the child coast or walk on the balance bike, their feet act as the brake. A balance bike is the best choice to teach your 4-year-old how to coordinate the steering and balance. If they perfect in this, transition in pedaling will be easier.


Kids’ Road Bikes

Once the kid is ready for a two wheeler with no support, avoid the common mistakes of buying a road bike the child will grow into. This is a setback for the child. Kids’ road bikes range from bikes with upright riding positions to bikes with flat bars. If your kid cruising to school or riding around the neighborhood, a flat bar bike is the best choice.


Trailer Bikes

Just as the word says! A trailer bike enables your kid to feel independent and pedal, though he or she is relying on control and balance. The single wheel attaches either on the rear rack or on the seat post so as to provide a pivot for turning. A trailer bike allows the child to cycle farther than the child’s stamina might allow.


Kids’ Cruiser Bikes

These bikes focus on fun. They come in flashy colors and catchy graphics. They feature wide tires for traction and stability, simple gearing brakes, durable steel frames and comfy seating. They are a perfect choice for short rides on the neighborhood streets.

Biking is a very healthy and worthwhile activity. From cycling in holidays to short bike rides, biking is enjoyed by the whole family. The earlier you get your child interested, the more likely the child will continue to enjoy cycling for years to come.

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