Before visiting the local travel bike shop with your money in hand, it is important to ask yourself the goals for buying the bike and the distance of travel. The best classic touring bike is an old style road bike, tweaking for heavy load carrying stability. The bikes feature massive gear ranges, cantilever brakes for stopping power, mounts for pannier racks, long wheelbases for stability and more upright riding position. This makes the bike be steady for handling.

Collapsible bike

A new traveling bike is a great investment, thus determining your riding goals is the first priority in choosing the perfect wheel for you. With different cycling styles out there, there are a variety of bikes to match your goals. Buy the best travel bike you can ever afford if you consider yourself a long-term traveler. Below are five universal bikes styles to consider:

  1. All Styled Travel Bikes

In this category, we will look at the mountain bike. If climbing mountains and trails are your things and you still enjoy the steep decline, you may want to consider a mountain bike. The geometry of the bike provides outstanding stability in steep and rough situations as compared with other models of bikes.

The mountain bike comes with five to six inches of suspension. This allows the user to take light stunt work and provide the rider with good trail riding skills. If traveling on steep and rocky roads interest you, a mountain travel bicycle is the best choice for you.

  1. Cross-Country Bikes

This is a great choice for off-road riders. The bikes step angle geometry and suspension, ranging from four to five inches of travel, makes it easy for handling. The bike is also fast for moderate trails.

  1. Trail Bikes

If you are looking for an all-round bike for traveling, this is the stuff. With four to five inches of seat suspension, the bike gives good comfort, and climb with maximum efficiency. This bike is the best match for travelers who like challenging terrains.

  1. Downhill Bikes

Who wants speed on the downhill? This bike is the best match for you. With its well-built frame and five inches or more of travel, these bicycles can take a strike on the downhill. Nevertheless, with any additional weight, you may give a second thought on taking a long climb.

  1. Hard tail Bikes

If you like speed or hard tail, this bike may be a good choice for you. The comfort must not be at the top of your A-list. The hard tails come with only front suspension; thereby have increased pedal stroke efficiency and less pedal bob when compared to dual suspension bikes.

When buying your next touring bike, it is always a nice idea to search for the strengths and weaknesses of each of bike. Note that stronger frames and more suspensions add more weight and make it tough to climb mountains.

Check for online reviews for travel bikes and ask for recommendations from fellow riders.

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