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Tips on Losing Weight

Folding bicycles

If you are looking for a folding bike, you need to look at the variety of bikes that you can find at Downtube. The following article lists the ways that you can lose weight, such as the use of a folding bike.

Biking to Work

One way that you can lose some of the extra weight that you are carrying out is to bike to work with the use of a folding bike. The bikes are easy to use and they will easily be able to be stored away while you are at work. You can place the bike outside of your work locked up or you may be able to take the bike inside with you and place it in an area that can hold the bike in a secure place for you. If biking is not for you, a folding bike can also be used on the weekends or in the evenings when you are getting some of that extra exercise in to help you to lose some of your extra weight you are carrying around.

Adjusting Your Diet

Besides doing some different kinds of exercises, such as using a folding bike, you are also going to need to adjust your diet if you are truly interested in losing some of that extra weight that you are carrying around. There are many different types of things that you can do in order to adjust your diet. One thing that you can do that is easy is to cut back on the amount of food you are eating; you will be amazed at what this simple thing is going to do. You also may want to cut back in eating fats and sweets; maybe forget that late night snack of chips and a soda just before going to bed. The more fruits and vegetables you are able to eat, the better it is going to be for you, especially in helping you to lose some weight.


Walking when the weather is nice is out is going to be a super easy way in order to keep fit. Adding that walk even when you think you are short on time is going to go a long way. You can walk in so many different ways. You can park your car furthest away from your office building or shopping entrance. You can walk to work, walk on your lunch break, walk in the mornings, walk in the evenings or do a little of all of the above. Even a five minute walk is a five minute walk.

Drinking Lots of Water

You should make sure to down some water before a meal and you will not feel so famished. Drinking a glass of water before a meal is going to help you watch what you eat. You should also drink a glass of water before using your Folding bike, walking or doing other kind of exercise. Keeping hydrated in very important in order to lose that extra weight.

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Bicycle Safety for RV’s

If you are looking for an RV bicycle, you need to look at the variety of bikes that you can find at Downtube. You will be able to find the perfect bike to take on your next RV adventure.


Keeping Your Bicyclein Good Working Order

It is very important that you keep your RV bicycle in good working order. The following are some things to always check on your bike from time to time:

  • Check your tires for air pressure and road worthiness
  • Make sure the brakes are working properly
  • Make sure the wheels spin freely
  • Make sure the bike the right fit for you
  • Make sure the seat is adjusted properly
  • Make sure the handlebars adjusted properly
  • Reflectors need to be secured
  • The lights on the bike need to be in working order
  • If needed by law, make sure your bell working
  • Make sure your mirrors allow you to see any traffic that is behind you


You should not ride your RV bicycle without a helmet no matter if you are a child or an adult. In many parts of the country, it is against the law not to wear a helmet no matter whom and where you are at. Helmets are there to protect your head in the event you fall or are in some type of bicycle accident. Vanity is the reason why many adults do not wear helmets but your safety should come first. You should also have a helmet that has been fitted properly and learn how to wear it correctly.

Traffic laws

It is very important to obey all traffic laws, which include:

  • You should always ride on the right with traffic
  • Obeyingall traffic signs, lights and road markings
  • Pedestrians should have the right-of-way
  • Crosswalks are for pedestrians and if you are using one, you should get off of your RV bicycle and walk.
  • You should use correct hand signals
  • Use the correct turning lane when turning

Night Riding

The following things should be done when riding your RV bicycle at night:

  • Use both a headlight and a taillight
  • Have reflectors on your bicycle
  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Be aware of any vehicles that are around you
  • Only ride your bicycle at night if you are experienced and know how to stay safe

Extra Safety Hints

The following are some extra safety tips to keep your safe:

  • You need to be predictable and do not make any sudden turns or lane changes
  • Obey stop signs
  • Be extra careful in parking lots
  • Make sure you are seen
  • Learn skills necessary to stay safe and in control of your bicycle
  • Do not carry grocery bags on your handlebars
  • Use a bell to warn others when you are approaching


RV bicycle safety is very important. Traffic laws are not just for cars. When riding your bike it is smart to be extra cautious because getting hit by a car can hurt a whole lot. When you are ready for your RV bike, check out Downtube and find the one that suits you best.

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Can Folding Bikes Ride Like a Normal Bike?

If you are looking for a suspension folding bike, you need to look no further than Downtube. You can find a variety of the bikes to your liking and beyond.



You have very well likely seen suspension on mountain bikes and over the road bikes. Just as with mountain and road bikes, suspension can also be found on Folding bikes. Suspension is one of the main ways in which folding bicycle designers compensate for using such small wheels. The small wheels are superior compared to a normal bike wheels in many ways but they are going to perform differently than bikes with larger wheels.

Folding bicycles usually are going to have small wheels with a diameter between 16 and 20 inches. If nothing is done to compensate for their small size, the smaller wheels are likely to cause a folding bike to shake as the wheels are deflected by bumps in the road. The bumping is caused by a natural tendency for smaller wheels to be more sensitized to vibration than bikes with larger wheels. In order to counteract this bumping tendency, folding bikes either need to have lower tire pressures, larger wheels or with a suspension. The problem with larger wheels or lower tire pressures is that they only solve one problem while adding another problem. Lower air pressure is going to absorb some of the shock of the road but is going to slow the bike down. Folding bikes are usually ridden more on pavement than loose dirt and gravel. Fat tires are only going to slow the bike down.

Bikes with Large Wheels

Increasing the wheel size is going to smooth out your ride but the large wheels are going to work against the folding bike being compact. A folding bike is never going to be able to fold smaller than its wheel diameter. The larger wheels you have, the greater the folded size is going to be. Larger wheels will only work with people who do not need a compact folding bike.

Suspension Folding Bike

There are a variety of suspension folding bikes that can be found. Downtube has folding bikes that are compact in size and with 16 inch wheels. The suspension is going to give you a nice smooth ride. No matter why type of suspension folding bike you are looking for, you will be able to find one that is going to fit your needs.


Folding bikes are not going to be wobbly as you may have heard in the past. This is mainly because how the folding bikes can now come with suspension. A suspension Folding bike is going to be easy to ride on an everyday basis and is going to feel very similar to a regular bike. It is easy to check out all of the variety of folding bikes that can be found from Downtube. Not all of the bikes are going to have suspension but they are all very fun to ride.

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Importance of Bike Safety for Commuters

If you are looking for a belt drive bicycle for commuting, you need to look no further than Downtube. You will be able to find a bike to fit your commuting needs and more.



More and more people are riding bicycles to work and because of this, it has resulted in an increase in bicycle accidents. When these accidents happen, they can result in death and/or serious injury due to the simple fact that people riding bikes to work are less protected than their fellow commuters who are travelling in cars, trucks and SUVs. The huge increase in belt drive bicycle commuters underscores the importance of bike safety for everyone that is going to use the road.

Statistics of Bike Commuters

  • Cyclists account for about 0.6% of all commuters in the United States.
  • The western part of the United States has the highest rate of bicycle commuters at a rate over 1%.
  • The southern part of the United States has the lowest rate of bicycle commuters with 0.3%.
  • Portland, Oregonhas the highest rate of bicycle commuting at a rate of over 6%.
  • Men were found to be more likely than women to ride their bike to work.
  • The median commute time for people riding their bikes was found to be close to 20 minutes.

It is very likely that this trend will continue as gas prices increase and more and more. Americans also embrace the greener way of living. While this is a good thing, it is important to remember that safety is a key issue when it comes to bicycling to work.

Bicycle Accidents

  • Most of your bicyclist deaths are going to occur in urban areas and at non-intersection locations.
  • Teens and adults aged 45 years and older have the highest bicycle death rates.
  • Children, adolescents and young adults have the highest rates of nonfatal bicycle-related injuries, which is close to 60% of all bicycle-related injuries seen in American emergency rooms.

Interventions to Reduce Injuries and Fatalities

Ways for bicyclists to reduce injuries and fatalities include the following:

  • Use of bike helmets: Bicycle helmets are going to reduce the risk of head and brain injuries in the event of a crash. All bicyclists should protect themselves by wearing properly fitted bicycle helmets every time they ride their bike, even when commuting to work.
  • Active lighting and rider visibility: Fluorescent clothing can make a belt drive bicycle rider visible from farther away than regular clothing during the daytime. Active lighting may include front white lights, rear red lights or other lighting on the bicycle.
  • Infrastructure: Providing bicycle riders with their own bike lanes can make a significant difference when it comes to reducing the number of serious injuries and deaths.


The best way to keep people riding their belt drive bicycle safe is to avoid accidents, which is going to require both motorists and bicyclists to share the road and obey all traffic laws at all times. Drivers must be alert for bicyclists at all times, especially during commuter rush hours.

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Choosing Best RV Bike Rack

If you are looking for a RV bike, you need to look no further than Downtube. You will be able to find a bike that will easily be able to taken on your next RV trip.


Finding the correct RV bike rack can be a challenge given the huge array of options. There are many factors to look at when sorting through the variety options on which rack is best for your RV. Before choosing the exact rack, you need to consider the bike rack in conjunction with how compatible it is going to be with your RV, the bikes you intend to carry on it and safety.

Kind and Number of Bikes Carrying

There is quite a long list of RV bike rack options for all types of bikes.

Bike Wheel Mount

This type of rack is going to secure the bike by its wheels. The wheels are placed inside the rails and held in place with tie downs. These mounts:

  • Are great for loading and unloading bikes.
  • Have a capacity that is typically up to four bikes.

Frame Mounted Bike Rack

This bike rack is going to secure the bike in place by one or two carry arms that hold the top tube/bar of the bike and it also allows the bike to dangle below. The racks work on any size bike. These racks:

  • Are the most common type of mount to have; and
  • Have many features that swing or fold out of the way.

RV Bike Rack Mounting

A bike rack can be mounted in four basic ways:

  • Bolt to bumper – This method takes a solid bumper that is welded to the frame and is made of steel.
  • Mount to ladder – Your RV must have a ladder for this method. Most RV bike racks are made to fit most types of steps but you need to make sure that the one you purchase fits your specific ladder.
  • Install into the trailer hitch – Hitch mounted racks are the most popular kind. With this method, you use the trailer hitch that you attach a bike rack to the back or front of your vehicle.
  • Bolt to trailer tongue – This is one of the more complex methods. Many people prefer to add a bike rack over the propane/battery box area on the trailer tongue.

RV Bumper Bike Rack

With these racks, the RV bike rack is mounted to the bumper on the rear of the RV. U-bolts are normally used in order to secure it to the actual bumper. There are many variations to accommodate different RV designs and the needs of the user. This is a common method for travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers and pop up campers. The racks are straightforward in order to install including just a few U-bolts and some minor assembly of the actual bike rack itself. Bumper racks also have the added benefit of not restricting access to your tow vehicle.


An RV bike is a definite must to have if you have an RV. There are many different racks that you can choose from for your RV to carry your bike.

Which Belt Drive Bikes are Quicker?

If you are looking for a belt drive bicycle, you need to check out of variety of bikes that you can find at Downtube. The following article will discuss which types of drive systems are quicker.


Toothed belt drive systems are popular with commuters because of them having a quiet operation. They also have an almost maintenance free design, are light in weight and are very smooth because there is no lubricant required.

Is a belt drive bicycle more efficient than a conventional chain drive? A conventional chain drive consumes 2.92 watts on average, while the belt eats up 3.93 watts. Although the difference is just 1 watt, it is not enough for most people to care about but the fact of the matter is it is a substantial 34.6% difference. The efficiency differences of installed systems are obviously good to know for track racers and any rider who wonders about the efficiency of a belt drive bicycle compared to a chain drive bicycle. As long as installed per the manufacturer’s instructions, the belt drive is going to be less efficient than the traditional single speed chain drive bicycle. Chain drive bicycles are going to give you almost no friction when there is no preload applied, while a drive belt bicycle is going to still eat up 1.73 watts.

The slope of the two lines is not equal with respect to increasing applied load. Even more so, this means that the chain drive is going to generate more friction than the belt with increasing applied load. The crossover point is going to fall at about 208 watts in terms of constant pedaling output and the belt drive’s advantages are going increase even more from there.

Most of your recreational bicyclists (and even some of your bike enthusiasts) are not going to notice much of a difference between a drive belt bicycle and a chain belt bicycle. On the other hand, top level bikers are going to be interested in reducing frictional losses, especially given their much higher power outputs and the fact that races can be won or lost by just hundredths of a second. Systems with a shallower slope on the applied load is going to be simply too much to overcome. If you do go with a lower roller in order to prevent skipping on the cog, it is then going to be possible that bike racers could benefit from a toothed belt drive system. The unexpected portion of the results is going to become apparent when the efficiency of the belt itself is analyzed in an apples-to-apples tension comparison to the chain, without any preload. These results are going to show you how the belt is going to become more efficient above 208 watts.

The findings between the two drive systems can help to open up the door to new drive train concepts, which can help to take advantage of the belt’s inherent high efficiency for power transfer but without any of the efficiency-robbing preload requirements.

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Ideal Boater Bikes

If you are looking for boater bikes, you need to look no further than Downtube. You will be able to find a variety of different folding bikes that will work great with putting on your boat.


Ease of Storage

With ease of storage and the quality construction, folding bikes on boats are going to give you the freedom you want in order to travel by land when your boat gets to its destination. Boater bikes are easy to carry and store on boats. The ability of being able to fold your bike literally in half means you can easily store them on board your boat without taking up any of your valuable storage space.

Boat Trips

One of the best things about taking a boat trip is being able to explore once you get to your desired destination. After you do dock your boat at a marina, it is not always easy to get around town on land. Having boater bikes on board is going to give you easy access to everything that the town is going to offer. Folding bikes make it even easier to carry and store a bike on your boat.


Some places you go to may offer access to rental bicycles but being able to bring your own boater bike with you is definitely going to give you a lot more flexibility and freedom. You are not going to be restricted to a short rental time limit or certain times of the day when you have your boater bike. You are also not going to have to bike around town on a bike that is outdated or poorly maintained.In addition to the flexibility of having your own bike, you will be able to count on the quality of the bike you are using. A folding bike is well worth the investment if you enjoy bicycling on your boating trips.

Will Not Rust

You are not going to have to worry about your boater bikes getting rust on them. The bikes are made of materials that will not rust in a marine environment that are high in moisture. Most times, the frame, forks and rims are aluminum. Always look for this for a bike to store on your boat.

Size When Folded

When folded, most of the boater bikes are going to be close to 36″ x 28″ x 12″ in size. Unfolded bikes are real, full size road and mountain bikes.

Bike Accessories

Parts on the Folding bike are going to use industry standard specification which means that you can upgrade or replace them with readily available aftermarket parts. You can customize your boater bikes with new parts and add accessories by visiting your local bicycle shop.

Variety of Terrain

Boater bikes can handle any type of terrain you may encounterfrom gravel paths to rough mountain terrain.


If you just want an easier way to get into town once you get to your boating destinations, folding Boater bikes are definitely worth a look into.

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Best Bicycles to Take on Boats

If you are looking for Boater bicycles, you definitely need to check out all of the variety of bikes that can be found from Downtube. The following article talks about the best types of bikes that you can take on boats, making it easy for you to travel with your bike.


Folding Bikes

Of course you can always decide to put a regular full-size road or mountain bicycle on your boat, but the best types of bikes that you are able to easily take on your boat is going to be a folding bike. You are going to be able to find a variety of  Folding bikes to your liking and choosing. The type of bike you are going to get is going to vary depending on many different factors, such as size of bike, size of wheels, craftsmanship, brand, model, type of materials the bike is made out of and more. One of the biggest things that you are going to want to consider before purchasing a folding bike to take on your boating excursions is how easy the bike is going to fit on your boat. If storage is not too much of a problem for you, you can just choose to get a bike that is the best of your liking. If storage is an issue for you, you are going to want to go with a folding bike that is small in size. You are going to find a wide variety of bikes that are able to be folded into spaces that you may not even imagine is even possible. There are many folding bikes that are also going to come with a handy bag that the bike can be fit into once it is folded up. Bottom line, folding Boater bicycles are best if you have storage issues on your boat.

Easy to Fold Out and Maneuver

You are not going to have to worry about being able to not unfold your boater bicycle because unfolding the bikes are much easier than you may think. Once you have unfolded your bike for the first time, it is something that you are not even going to have to think about any longer when you need to either fold or unfold the bike. The bikes are very easy to fold out and it is something even a child can figure out. Just because you have a folding bike, you do not need to get into your head that the bike is not going to be able to be as good of a regular full-size road or mountain bike. The bikes are able to do everything that your regular full-size bikes do.


If you are looking for Boater bicycles to take on your many different boating excursions, you need to look no further than the variety of bikes that can be found from Downtube. Folding bikes are just as good as regular full-size bikes but they are able to be stored in tight spaces much easier.

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Perks of Belt Drive Bikes


If you are looking for a Belt drive bike, you need to look no further than Downtube. You will be able to find a variety of the bikes to your liking. The following article talks about the perks of the bikes and what you need to know before you purchase one.


A Belt drive bike is a chainless bike that uses a toothed synchronous belt in order to transmit power from the pedals to the wheel of the bike. The belts are usually made by the same manufacturing companies that produce timing belts for cars, machinery and other belt drive applications. The application of the belt drives to bicycles is growing, especially in the commuter bike market, because of the low maintenance and lubrication free benefits that these types of bikes offer.

Pros of the Bikes

You are going to find the following perks/benefits out of a Belt drive bike:

  • The drive belts are not going to rust.
  • Lubrication is not required of the drive belt.
  • They are going to stay very clean because of the fact that lubrication is not required of them.
  • There is little to no maintenance required of the belt drives.
  • The bikes offer a smoother operation compared to bikes with chains.
  • The bikes are much quieter than with bikes that have a chain on them.
  • You are going to get a longer life span than bikes with a metal bicycle chain.
  • Some belt systems are going to be lighter than conventional chain driven system.

Cons of the Bikes

The following are things that people do not like as much about the bikes:

  • Derailleurs cannot be used on the bikes.
  • The drive belt is not able to be taken apart as you can do with a chain.
  • A frame must be able to accommodate the belt by having an opening in the rear triangle.
  • Belts come in limited selection of lengths, which have to be accommodated in the design of the frame that you have.
  • A beltdrive bike and the repair/replacement parts are harder to find at bike shops than bicycles with conventional chains.
  • The front and rear pulleys or sprockets need to be well aligned in order to avoid excessive friction and wear.
  • Compared to bikes with a chain, the drive belts are usually going to run at a much higher tensions but the high belt tensions is going to reduce the life expectancy of the bearings in the bottom bracket and rear hub.
  • First-generation pulleys with dual guides had problems with snow becoming compacted and trapped in the pulley. The second and generation models have improvedwith the design.


The possibilities for Belt drive bikes are increasing as manufacturers of internal gear hubs are constantly innovating and introducing new designs of the bikes. When you are ready to start looking at the very popular types of bikes, you need to look into the many different bikes that are offered from Downtube. The bikes may be more expensive than bikes with your traditional chains but they are definitely worth the extra money.

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